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Snare Drum


Bell Kit

 bell kit

         When going into beginner band, there are only a few instruments that are introduced in the percussion family. They are the snare drum, the cymbals, and the bell kit. The snare drum is a typical looking single drum on a stand. It is called a snare because there are small vibrating wires on the bottom of the drum that help form the sound. Cymbals are large, disc shaped pieces of copper that can be banged together to make a “crash” sound. A school will usually provide these. The bell kit includes a small xylophone, practice snare pad, percussion mallets and a music stand along with a carrying case. The xylophone has two rows of metal pieces that can be struck with mallets to produce certain notes.  The shorter ones sound higher notes and the longer ones sound lower notes. The Percussion family includes anything that can be struck, shaken, rubbed, knocked, scratched, slapped or stroked to make a sound. 

If your child wants to play the drums invest in a practise pad.  A practice pad also called a "liner" is placed directly over the top of an existing drumhead.  The purpose of the practice pad is for percussionist to quietly warm up before a performance or practice musical material.