Michigan Marching band used instruments

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Service & Cleaning

How your instrument is adjusted can effect its pitch, playability and your enjoyment.

I found these sites to be useful for service & repair of your instruments as well as tips and advice for care and cleaning.
  1.  YouTubeBlog - The official YouTubeBlog Broadcasting ourselves
  2. Google - Type in the search bar "How to clean your Saxophone" or "How to clean your Saxophone mouthpiece". Type in "Clarinet maintainence" or " Maintaining your Trumpet"  
Either your "Google" or "YouTubeBlog" search will take you to a site that will show a video of how to clean, maintain and perform minor repairs on just about any instrument.  For beginner folks there are videos that teach you how to make sound with your instrument or how to play an F major scale on a Trumpet etc.

Please request help from your schools band director when shopping for a used band instrument.