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Our children and we do love them, can make us crazy. I have two sons, both of which have been a part of the Brighton High School band program. Our first son, Parker, who graduated in 2009 played the french horn from sixth through twelfth grade. Our second son, Barret, started with the alto saxophone and based on our first son’s experience we assumed Barret would play the alto saxophone all through high school. Big mistake!!…in his freshman year we spent over $2,000 for two saxophones, one for school and performances and one for home that he beat up.

On the first day of school, sophomore year, Barret came home and said he switched to the baritone because he did not want to play the saxophone anymore. Being the fabulous parent that I am I said “I’m not buying you a new or used baritone and you’re going to sell your saxophones and whatever you sell it for is my money”. Barret is a junior this year and plays a school issued baritone that looks like a left over from the 1980’s. During the summer between sophomore and junior year I pressured Barret into selling his instruments after spending $75.00 on repair, service and cleaning of his saxophones.

Barret created a flyer with colored pictures that we thought we could post at our music stores around town until we were informed that they did not want the competition, which I guess I understand. I suggested Craig’s List and ebay to Barret and he flatly refused as he did not want to deal with strangers from far away.

When we were looking for used instruments, we also did not want to go this route, because you don’t know how far away the seller is, and what the condition of the instrument will be when you get there. I was always searching for a place where I could find an instrument locally and deal with people nearby. And so www.usedinstrumentsmichigan.com was born.

A place for Livingston County residents to shop for used instruments right in their own backyard and deal with their neighbors. You don’t have to drive far to find out the instrument you saw on-line is not the “perfect fit”, or that it is!  I hope you find it helpful whether you make a purchase or not.  For our beginner band parents there will be pictures with a brief description of band instruments with service, care and minor repair links. And in the future look for links for posting band performance dates (high school to garage bands) and locations, band members wanted, etc.

There is a downloadable flyer at the bottom of this page for you to print and share with your friends, family, band members and band directors.



So have fun with it and enjoy and hopefully you will save yourself some money while your sons and daughters explore this wonderful experience of trying different instruments. My mission statement to you will always be COMMITMENT, LOYALTY and GRATITUDE.